Who We Are

Terrence Doing What He LovesFluid Wakeskating Apparel is a rider owned and operated company founded in 2003 by T-SCO. As an avid participant in the wakeskating industry, working with leading wakeskating manufacturers such as Integrity and Omen, and riders such as Ryan Lemons and Grant Roberts, we felt the industry needed a way for participaters to spread the culture of wakeskating. As wakeskating has progressed there was never an easy way to show others you are a wakeskater. Occasionally wakeskate manufacturers would produce apparel featuring their brand-names which wakeskaters or wakeskating enthusiasts could purchase. The problem with this was it required others to know the brand, in order for them to know you participate in the wakeskating community. Lately, monopolistic manufacturers have entered the wakeskaing market, and by supporting apparel sold by these manufacturers, consumers are helping the manufacturer exploit wakeskating for profit, instead of supoorting those who are for the progression of wakeskating.

With these problems, we devoloped a solution. We started Fluid in order to help wakeskaters show off what they love to do. We set out to make sure we sold clothing that depicted wakeskating so others who have no idea what wakeskating is can see what the sport is like. Our mission is to focus on the art and culture of wakeskating and to rely less on brand regonition than our predecessors and to set a new standard in apparel design.

Why You Should Purchase From Us

Here at Fluid Wakeskating Apparel, we are dedicated to spreading the sport of wakeskating. We are completelty independent, and the entire site as well as the products we sell have been designed by T-SCO and his supporters. By purchasing from us, you are giving us the tools to spread wakeskating, whether it be by supporting our team, sponsoring an event, or helping out rider owned wakeskating manufacturers. By wearing our products, you are helping spread the sport of wakeskating, and sending it in the right direction, by supporting the idea of a rider owned industry.